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Community Engaged Learning - SCH Funding Questionnaire

Community Engaged Learning (CEL) is a high-impact teaching practice that involves students, faculty and community partners working together to apply knowledge in authentic settings while meeting community needs and instructional objectives.

CEL SCH funds can be used towards any one or more of these CEL-approved purposes:

  • Travel to and from community partner sites (either for student, community partner or faculty).
  • Materials for CEL project/work (either for students or Community Partners).
  • Registration fees for CEL-related conferences.
  • Paying of staff or faculty for CEL program management.
  • Payment for a CEL-related guest lecturer.
  • Funds for an end-of-semester reflection or celebration party.
  • Other expenditures that support a faculty’s CEL pedagogy.

Thank you for your commitment to CEL teaching practices. Please complete the questionnaire below regarding your CEL-SCH Expenditures.

Contact Information

(I.e. 2019/2020, etc.)

Check all that apply.
CEL Funding Questions

Select the resource you would like most first.

CEL-SCH Funding Expenditures
If you have utilized CEL SCH funds, please indicate how you have used the funds below (enter amount in dollars).

(Either for students or Community Partners)

(Typically the HR/Payroll lead of a department or program has this information)

Last Updated: 7/14/22