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Community-Based Research

The Community Research Collaborative

The Bennion Center proudly supports and encourages quality community-based research (CBR). We want community members and academic researchers to work together in powerful partnerships to uncover, understand, disrupt obstacles as well as excentuate the assets that will lead to more healthy, inclusive, resilient, and just communities. 

We want to employ CBR to:

  • Translate scientific knowledge into practice

  • Support organizing and movement building

  • Impact policy

  • Guide community and economic development

  • Foster learning and personal transformation

  • Build trust with communities harmed by past research

  • Improve organizations

  • Strengthen communities

  • Enrich our understanding of the world

Our communities struggle with deep-rooted inequities and global challenges that defy simple answers. CBR is a powerful way to address these challenges by harnessing our collective knowledge, data, and resources.

This report, produced by the U's Community Research Collaborative, offers guidance for both community-based and campus-based practioners and anyone who wants to engage in quality collaborative CBR to strengthen their community. 

The U's Community Research Collaborative is composed of researchers, organizers, activists, scholars, educators, and community leaders, who work together to advance quality participatory and action-oriented community-based research. The group and its products are supported by University Neighborhood Partners and the Bennion Center.

view the full report on CRC Guidelines

Last Updated: 3/21/24