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Advisory Board

A volunteer advisory board guides the Bennion Center. The individuals who comprise this board have distinguished themselves in education, business, community, or family. They serve as a resource to help students and staff remain true to the Bennion Center’s mission, vision, and values. In addition, advisory board members work side by side with students during community engagement activities. They mentor students on civic practices, as well provide them with valuable networking opportunities.

Interested in joining the board? Apply to join a Bennion Center Committee.

Executive Committee

Jacob Stone, Chair
Robin Hough, Past Chair
Debbie Hair, Staff Liaison
Dean McGovern, Executive Director
Mitch Vice, Marketing
Christine Carr, Development
David Hawkins-Jacinto, CEL
Carolyn Bliss, Scholars

Members at Large

Suzanne Hawker
Jorge Fierro
Sarah Morton Taggert
Lon Jenkins


John W. Bennion
Phillip Clinger
Charlotte Jacobsen
Richard Jacobsen
Kathryn Lindquist


Chase Hagood, Dean, Undergraduate Studies
Jason Ramirez, Dean of Students

Last Updated: 3/21/24